West Wessex



SUNDAY 3rd November  2019 AT 10.00am at CHRISTCHURCH JUNIOR SCHOOL

1  The Chairman, Peter Collins, opened the meeting at 10.05am. He welcomed everyone in the room and

    thanked the 50 members for attending.

2  Absent Friends: Peter read out the names of members we had lost since last year – Chris Horwood,

    Pauline Wells, Ann Mayburg – and a minute’s silence in remembrance was observed.

3  The Secretary read out the formal notice convening the 45th Annual General Meeting.


4  Apologies for absence had been received from: Kat & Royston Gallagher, Sue & Darren Eyres,

   Peter & Maria Pond, Linda & Monty Banks, Elaine & Bernard Perriment, Ray & Gill Golding.

5  Minutes of 2018 AGM had already been circulated. They were proposed to be a true record by

    Dawn Bartlam, seconded by Linda Rowberry and accepted.

6  Matters arising from Minutes of 2018 AGM. There were no matters arising.

7  Chairman’s Report: This had been already circulated. There were no comments or questions.

8  Financial Report: A Report and Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 31 July 2019 had

    been drawn up by the Treasurer and had been circulated. There was one question from the floor regarding

               the MCC Voucher not yet Reimbursed, this was answered by the Treasurer, with no further comments or                questions from members. Chum Randall proposed they be accepted. That was seconded by Barry Smith

   and carried.

9  Election of Independent Accounts Examiner: Mrs Debbie Ferguson; proposed by Sue Randall that the

    Independent Accounts Examiner nomination be accepted. This was seconded by Maggie Mills and carried.

          10  The Secretary has been in touch with the web-master Mrs Toni Waller, who is willing to continue with her work

                for us if we wish her to. As there was no-one offering to take on the role, her offer was gratefully accepted and

                a vote of thanks was supported by a round of applause for her skill, time and effort on our behalf. The

                Secretary commented that Toni had given notice that she would not continue her role as the group

                webmaster. The group committee will endeavour to find a suitable replacement over the next 12 months.

          11 Election of Group Committee, by Poll: the members of the current Committee, with two exceptions, have

                agreed to stand again two fresh nominees introduced by the Chairman, Robert Hartley, and

                Annabella Hartley. Dave and Wendy Bushell, from East Wessex group, had agreed to be Tellers and

                collected in all Ballot Forms. Once counted  by them and handed to Peter Collins, he declared that all of those                 nominated had been elected either unanimously or by majority.

                The duly elected committee is: Alastair Bartlam, Keith Curwain, Gill Horder, Dave McCaughey,

                Pam McCaughey, Derek Mills, Andy Mundy, Maria Pond, Veronica Trevett, Robert Hartley and

                Annabella Hartley.

          12  The new Committee met briefly during the coffee break, returning to announce the following positions:





                              Committee Members: Keith Curwain, Maria Pond, Pam McCaughey and Annabella Hartley.

                The Chairman explained that there was an assistant Treasurer who would take over the running of the

                account at some stage during this financial period.

 The meeting was declared closed at 10.50am.

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Chairman: Derek Mills  

Vice-Chairman: Robert Hartley

Secretary: Ali Bartlam

Treasurer: Veronica Trevett

Rally Officer: Andy Mundy

Assistant Treasure: Robert Hartley

Safety Officer: Dave McCaughey

Scribe: Dave McCaughey

Entertainments: Gill Horder